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National Magazine | Nov 18, 2002
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A Tragedy Without An End
Today, the role of mujahideen in propping up a miniscule separatist movement in J&K is acknowledged even by those who were its organisers but, sadly, ten years later I wonder if we will ever learn from history

Eyes Wide Shut
Unfortunately only the most dramatic incidents of terrorism or the dubious pronouncements of Pakistan's military dictator and his proxies tend to get attention, while the gradual and sustained campaign of subversive mobilisation and capacity building remain ignored.

A Study In Contrast
There can be no comparison between the magnitude and impact of the coordinated July 7 terrorist attacks in London and the failed fidayeen operation in Ayodhya on July 5, but it is useful to look at the political and media responses to these two incidents.

Blast From The Past
The terrorist attack, if nothing else, backdates Advani into his old charioteer days. Will he pick up the yokes? Updates

Narayan Ran...
Tiger's capo Rane quits. Is he big enough for a split? Updates

   Free Speech
Speak up! Express yourself in our free- wheeling discussions or start those of your own.
Ayodhya: So the destruction of the mosque was an expression of "national sentiment"?

The Law of the Land Has the Kanchi Shankaracharya arrest been handled right?

Ayodhya: the attack would be foiled only by our vigilance.

Opposition: Is boycotting Parliament a responsible step?

RSS: What is the Sangh parivar's real objective?

Kashmiri Pandits: the forgotten people? Refugees in their own land?

Governors: Time to check their discretion

...and more  
A Substitute For The Real Patiala
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Diamonds are forever. Or so the Cartiers thought, till they wanted to have for their archives what was the closest to the original; the Patiala Necklace they had once produced. But no amount of effort could produce natural stones of the same brilliance.

It was extravagance unbound even by the profligate standards of the maharajas. The eighth Maharaja of Patiala, Sir Bhupinder Singh Mohinder Bahadur, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, GBE, ADC, had asked his newly acquired friend, the eldest grandson of Louis-Francois Cartier of Paris, Louis-Joseph Cartier, to make the Patiala Necklace; the biggest ever created by Cartier with 2,930 diamonds amounting to 962.25 carats, set in platinum—a metal new to India of the 1920s where jewellery showed a preponderance of gold. Nothing was quite as stunning as the Patiala necklace that would have been famous if only for the light yellow octahedral crystal from the De Beers mine. The 428.50 carat (pre-1913 non-metric carat) rock was 47.6 mm through its longest axis and 38.1 mm square and the House of Cartier created history in 1928.

What was discovered at a London auction was a pathetic remnant of the original. Even the pendant was gone. What remained of the original were detailed notes and sketches in the Cartier archives that documented every stone used; the necklace was no more than an interesting string of platinum. The only solution was to mimic reality. And that Cartier has now done.

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State Gazette
A substitute for the real Patiala; The native's partisanship; The flight of his fancy; This waning wave will wash them out; Rekindling an extinct joy and The jaunty step that slipped.

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